The Grand Ball
Old Series Season 2, Episode 8
Episode 8 Title Card
Air date April 1, 2015
Directed by Bancha Manasookcharoen
Viewer Ratings 57 views
OST used Pegasus Fantasy
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Revenge of Plankton
Squidward, ZX, Sub-Zero vs Monsters Army (Episode 8.5)
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The Grand Ball is the eighth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants S old series. This episode is the second episode of the Season 2 of the old series. This episode was released on April 1, 2015.


After the newbies joined the Team SpongeBob, Squilliam invited SpongeBob and his friends, except Squidward to go to the Grand Ball party.


The episode starts in the Krusty Krab when SpongeBob and Takeshi are back and the newbies introducing themselves.

After the intro and the title card, the blue lightning with white streak appears, then the mailman just sent the gang a mail, except Squidward. SpongeBob walks to grab and open the mail. SpongeBob explains what the mail says, the gang invited them to the Grand Ball, but it didn't invited Squidward, which made Squidward sad.

Later that night, the gang went to the white castle, except Squidward. But Ryan almost forgot to bring his Lamp to the party.

Meanwhile in Krusty Krab, Squidward cries because he didn't even get invited. He decided to get revenge on Squilliam for treating him in the worst way and grab an axe to destroy the party.

Meanwhile at inside the castle, the gang are already got in, but Storm Trooper won't let them and tried to arrest them. Ryan Higa used Kamehameha towards Storm Trooper.

At the party, the went in here. Squilliam appears to welcoming his guests to his Grand Ball. Squidward gets in the party and attacked Squilliam. SpongeBob asked why would Squidward do that, then Squidward responds that Squilliam didn't invited him for no reason. Squilliam answers the reason why Squidward didn't get invited is because he called him ugly. Squidward vows to get revenge on Squilliam after he finished SpongeBob by killing him. Squidward swings an axe towards SpongeBob, but SpongeBob dodged it. SpongeBob turned into SSJG SpongeBob and kicks Squidward with his SpongeBob Kick. Squidwards explodes and SpongeBob feels that he shouldn't kick his friend like that. The mysterious sound just said "Of course", which made SpongeBob reminds that the voice sounds like Cyrax. Which means Cyrax and Sektor are back. SSJG SpongeBob fight with them, but he got defeated easily. SSJG SpongeBob used Squidward's axe to swings at them, but they dodged it. Cyrax and Sektor launched their missile towards SSJG SpongeBob and easily exploded him. Suddenly, the two comedian YouTubers named Smosh (who are known for Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) are here to fight with Cyrax and Sektor and got teleported into hyperspace.

In the hyperspace, Ian fights with Cyrax while Anthony fights with Sektor. Ian finished Cyrax and Sektor by using Kamehameha.

Back at the party, Ian and Anthony teleported back here. It seems that Squidward survived the explosion and tried to destroy the party by setting it on fire. SSJG SpongeBob feels that the axe got turned into a sword and insert the spatula into the sword to save the party. SSJG SpongeBob used SpongeBob Slash to extinguish the fire, but it didn't worked. Ian and Anthony used their gun to extinguish the fire. The gang got down from the top and informed that they turned on the water while Smosh help them. Zombie Liu Kang appears to fight with SSJG SpongeBob. SSJG SpongeBob used M78 Ray to finish Zombie Liu Kang, but he shoot the ray. Zombie Liu Kang catch SSJG SpongeBob by his black whip, but Ichigo and Gaim saved SSJG SpongeBob by using their Double Rider Kick. Ichigo, Gaim, and SSJG SpongeBob finished Zombie Liu Kang by using Rider SpongeBob Triple Kick on him. SSJG SpongeBob turned back into normal and asked both that he thought they didn't wan't to come. Gaim answers that they have to come because there was an emergency and fight together. The sillhouette of Gatanozoa appears that the sorcerer is here to take away the souls. SpongeBob reminds that the sorcerer was Shang Tsung. Shang tried to shoot SpongeBob with his fireball, but Gaim protect him to sacrifice himself. Shang says "Your soul is mine!", but SpongeBob won't let him take Gaim's soul and fight with Shang.

Back in the hyperspace, SpongeBob and Shang teleported here and fight. SpongeBob turned into SSJG SpongeBob and fight with Shang. SSJG SpongeBob used Photon Edge at Shang, but Shang dodged it. Shang turned into EX Red King to attack SSJG SpongeBob with Flame Road, but SSJG SpongeBob easily dodged it. EX Red King used his fist to punched SSJG SpongeBob, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it again. EX Red King turned into Godzilla to attacked SSJG SpongeBob with his Blue Spiral Breath, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it. SSJG SpongeBob used Stronger Electro Fire towards Godzilla. Godzilla turned into Zetton to fired One Trillion Degree Fireball at SSJG SpongeBob, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it. Zetton fired the fireball at SSJG SpongeBob again. Cyber Sub-Zero appears and told SSJG SpongeBob not to give up and fight with Zetton. Zetton tried to shoot the fireball at him, but Cyber Sub-Zero used his Ice Clone as a barrier and explodes. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Zetton with his Freeze Ray and SSJG SpongeBob finished Zetton by using SpongeBob Slash. Zetton turned back into Shang Tsung and disappears. Cyber Sub-Zero and SSJG SpongeBob teleport back into the party.

Back at the party, SSJG SpongeBob back in here, but Cyber Sub-Zero is gone. The sillhouette of Cyber Sub-Zero told SSJG SpongeBob to remember that great power comes with great responsibility and disappears. SSJG SpongeBob turns back into normal. Smosh then disappears and thanking SpongeBob for everything. Squilliam jumps to the top and scolds Squidward by asking why did he destroy his Grand Ball. Squidward answers that he is ugly then him. The blue lightning with white streak zapped towards Squilliam. The gang decided to have some fun and SpongeBob asked Squidward what is he gonna do. Squidward used his bomb to destroy the ball, but SpongeBob warned him not to blow up the party and Squidward doesn't listen to him and explode the party.


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Spongebob Squarepants S Episode8

Spongebob Squarepants S Episode8

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