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Alias: Kuai Liang (奎良 or 快涼)
Powers: His own powers
Gender: Male
Species: Human/Cryomancer
Birth date: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Unknown
Eye color: Blue
Occupation: Warrior
First Appearance: Kamen Rider Return
Last Appearance: SSJG SpongeBob (New Series; Cyber Sub-Zero only)
Number of Appearances: 7 (Old Series)
Status: Deceased (briefly)
Family: Cyber Sub-Zero (cyborg form)
Noob Saibot (brother)
Affiliation: SpongeBob SquarePants
Team SpongeBob
Kamen Riders
Pretty Cures
Lin Kuei
Eugene H. Krabs

Sub-Zero is the mentor to SpongeBob SquarePants and a younger brother of Noob Saibot.



He enters the Krusty Krab while getting injured badly, who mistaken by Mr. Krabs as his customer. Sub-Zero told Mr. Krabs to get out of here because the fate of the world are coming. Mr. Krabs laughs at him and didn't believe because he thought he was hilarious. Sub-Zero still told Mr. Krabs that the whole world is gonna over and they have a long talk. Two hours later, Mr. Krabs shocked and scared about what happened to the world. Sub-Zero told Mr. Krabs to not give up that they still have a hope and said that "the fate of the world he must give it to someone. Until that day, world will come to peace". Mr. Krabs knows someone who can handle this and he will save the world, then he give him the last thing is to ate in this restaurant and pay for him until the war ends. Sub-Zero agrees and teleports away.

Season 1 (Old Series)[]

In episode 5, he appeared in the Krusty Krab and needs the gang's help. Patrick asks the unknown person who he is. The person responds by introduce himself that he is Sub-Zero, and told them that he had been attacked. Sandy asks by who. Sub-Zero responds that he was attacked by his brother. The ninjas appeared at the rooftop of the Krusty Krab and Sub-Zero froze them. Sub-Zero allowed SpongeBob to finished him, and SpongeBob just did it to killed the ninjas. Diend reappeared and tell the gang and Sub-Zero that he's back. Diend tried to kill them with his Diend Blast, but Sub-Zero shot it with the Freeze Ray. Diend shoot Sub-Zero with Diend Blast again, but Sub-Zero protect himself with his Ice Clone and explodes. Diend disappears that he have to go now. Noob Saibot appears and fight with Sub-Zero, then disappears. SpongeBob riding his XIG Fighter EX to find out. At the sky, the black hole appears and SpongeBob gets inside of the hole. In the black hole, SpongeBob enters the hole and see Noob Saibot and Sub-Zero fighting. Sub-Zero was so happy to see SpongeBob to save him, but another clone of Sub-Zero attacked him from behind. SpongeBob shoots the clone with blue shot and get out of his airplane. SpongeBob fights with Noob Saibot and SpongeBob used the spatula to protect himself from Noob Saibot's silver star. Sub-Zero freeze Noob Saibot's leg and shoots Noob Saibot with his Spatula Ray. SpongeBob tells to Sub-Zero that Noob Saibot is his brother and Noob Saibot just disappeared. At the outside of the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob with his XIG Fighter EX and Sub-Zero teleport back at here. Sub-Zero committed suicide by freezing himself and fall off to his death with the help of Scorpion.

In episode 6, Sub-Zero reappeared in Nether as Cyber Sub-Zero and fight with his brother. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Noob Saibot with Freeze Ray, then Cyrax and Sektor reappeared after they got revived. Cyrax and Sektor used blue tail whip to capture SpongeBob, so Ichigo decided to save SpongeBob by kicking their hands with Rider Kick. Cyber-Sub Zero fight with Cyrax and Sektor, and got defeated. Of course, Cyber Sub-Zero forgot about Noob Saibot and decided to finish by kick him. SpongeBob asks what happened and what is that. Then, Gatanozoa appears and ordered Cyrax and Sektor to finish SpongeBob. Sektor teleported while Cyrax holding SpongeBob. Then, both of them separate SpongeBob's body and throw the body to the lava. Gatanozoa disappears and Godzilla appeared to reattached SpongeBob's body and revived him. SpongeBob's body was put on Godzilla's body. Godzilla finished Cyrax and Sektor by using Blue Spiral Breath and exploded. Shang Tsung appears to take over Godzilla's soul and disappears. Shang Tsung using fire breath, but Cyber Sub-Zero froze it. Gatanozoa reappeared and summon Dragon King Onaga. At the nether, SpongeBob reappeared as SSJG SpongeBob and fight with Dragon King Onaga. Onaga spits a big fire at SSJG SpongeBob, but it didn't affect him. SSJG SpongeBob using Mebium Shoot to attack Onaga. SSJG SpongeBob jumps and using Zepellion Ray against Onaga. Lastly, SSJG SpongeBob using SpongeBob Kick to finished him. Because of that, the gang and Cyber Sub-Zero got teleported from Nether to the Krusty Krab. At the Krusty Krab, the gang is saved once more. Cyber Sub-Zero leaving the Krusty Krab.

Season 2 (Old Series)[]

In episode 8 during the battle between SpongeBob and Shang Tsung, Cyber Sub-Zero appears and told SSJG SpongeBob not to give up and fight with Zetton (Shang Tsung in disguise). Zetton tried to shoot the fireball at him, but Cyber Sub-Zero used his Ice Clone as a barrier and explodes. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Zetton with his Freeze Ray and SSJG SpongeBob finished Zetton by using SpongeBob Slash. Zetton turned back into Shang Tsung and disappears. Cyber Sub-Zero and SSJG SpongeBob teleport back into the party. SSJG SpongeBob back in here, but Cyber Sub-Zero is gone. The sillhouette of Cyber Sub-Zero told SSJG SpongeBob to remember that great power comes with great responsibility and disappears.

In episode 8.5, someone frozed Golgolem and it was Cyber Sub-Zero who appears. An invisible Neronga appears to electrocute Cyber Sub-Zero with Electric Bolt. Because of that, Squidward fights with Neronga to avenge Cyber Sub-Zero. Neronga turned visible and unfroze Golgolem. Both Neronga and Golgolem tried to kill Cyber Sub-Zero, but ZX finished them by using ZX Punch. Cyber Sub-Zero thanking ZX for saving his life and fly away. Later at the Netherrealm, Cyber Sub-Zero appeared to froze Zaragas and Banpira. ZX, Squidward, and Cyber Sub-Zero fly away from the castle. Cyber Sub-Zero froze the castle with his Freeze Ray and Squidward turned into Captain Magma to blow the castle where Grangon, Lagoras, Zaragas, and Banpira are in here with Magma Spout and explodes. Captain Magma turns back to Squidward. But, Lagoras was survived and evolved himself. Evolved Lagoras spits a fireball at them and explodes. Evolved Lagoras tried to shoot Cyber Sub-Zero with Ice Beam, but it absorped the power and reflects on Evolved Lagoras, and it didn't affect him. ZX wakes up and throws his Cross Shuricane Bomber at Evolved Lagoras and explodes, but it still didn't affect him. ZX tried to finish Evolved Lagoras by using ZX Kick, but it didn't worked on him. Evolved Lagoras combined Ice Beam and Fireball into Fusion Blast towards them, but Squidward tried to defend them from the Fusion Blast and throws it back to Evolved Lagoras. ZX then used his ZX Kick to finish him. Bullton appears and summon EX Zetton. Squidward fights with EX Zetton while ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero fight with Bullton. Bullton used Dimensional Warping Beam Wave to move them off from him. ZX used Micro Chains to destroy the antenna. Meanwhile, Squidward fight with EX Zetton. EX Zetton throws a Trillion Meteor at Squidward, but it didn't affect. Squidward turned into Captain Magma again and shoots Magma Spouts at EX Zetton, but it absorp the power. Captain Magma turned back into Squidward again. EX Zetton shoots the blue ray towards Squidward, but Squidward dodged it. Squidward jumps and finished EX Zetton with Squidward Kick and exploded him. Meanwhile, ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero are still fighting with Bullton. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Bullton with his Freeze Ray and ZX finished Bullton with ZX Kick. After that, Squidward teleport ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero to Bikini Bottom. Cyber Sub-Zero and ZX turned back into Ryo are leaving Bikini Bottom and thanking Squidward for everything.

In episode 9, Cyber Sub-Zero appears to defeat Shang, Diend, Baron, and Hipporito, then froze Plankton with Freeze Ray. The sillhouette of Gatanozoa appears and killed Cyber Sub-Zero then disappears.

In episode 10 at the World of Spirits, SpongeBob just got in here after he got defeated by Scarlet. Cyber Sub-Zero and Squidward appeared. Cyber Sub-Zero tells SpongeBob that his friends wanted to help him defeat Galactic Empire. The souls of SpongeBob's friends just combined their powers for SpongeBob and Squidward. He also appeared in the flashback where SSJG SpongeBob defeated Dragon King Onaga.

In episode 11, his powers are still remained in Squidward S' powers. Later after the final battle, SpongeBob S, Squidward S, and their friends are seperated from their powers. Drive turns back into Shinnosuke and leaves, and as for Takeshi, Over Lord Kouta, Cyber Sub-Zero, and Asuka leaves too. Then the gang proceed to fix the Bikini Bottom. Many days later, everyone had a vacation at Goo Lagoon now. But, Rainbow Tyrant come to the beach and said that he feels good now, which made all of the characters from the series laughing. After the laughing is over, Rainbow Tyrant leaves, thus the end of the old series.

Season 1 (New Series)[]

Althought he first appeared offscreen in episode 5, he saved Mr. Krabs from Storm Troopers. He also appeared in Mr. Krabs' flashback.



Skills and Abilities[]

Old Series
  • Freeze Ray: He can shoot the enemy to froze the enemy.
  • Ice Clone: He can create his own ice clone to protect himself, etc.
New Series
  • Freeze Ray: Just like the old series, he can froze the enemy by shooting the enemy. It also can destroy one of enemy's attacks.
  • Ice Clone: Just like the old series, he can create his own ice clone to protect himself, etc.
  • Teleportation: Sub-Zero can teleport to anywhere. It can also teleport to the far destination.

Episode Appearences[]

Season 1 (Old Series)[]

Season 2 (Old Series)[]

Season 1 (New Series)[]



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