Squidward, ZX, Sub-Zero vs Monsters Army
Old Series Season 2, Episode 8.5
Episode 8.5 Title Card
Air date April 1, 2015
Directed by Bancha Manasookcharoen
Viewer Ratings 90 views
OST used Let's Go!! Rider Kick
Ultra Miracle
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The Grand Ball
Everyone Must Fight
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Squidward, ZX, Sub-Zero vs Monsters Army is the eight point fifth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants S old series. This episode is the two point fifth episode of the Season 2 of the old series. This episode was the continuation of the previous episode, The Grand Ball. This episode was released on March 19, 2015.


After the events of the episode 8, the gang got sent to the hospital and Squidward has to fight alone by himself with the help of ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero.


The episode starts when the gang got sent to the hospital during the events of the last episode, Squidward visits them at the hospital. Mr. Krabs tells Squidward that they need him to s ave the Krusty Krab, but Squidward refused and quit. SpongeBob tells Squidward that they need him if the Galactic Empire are gonna destroy them all, but Squidward ignored him and leave the hospital.

After the intro and the title card, Squidward went back to Conch Street and enjoying himself alone. The sillhouette of Gatanozoa appears to tell Squidward that he will fight with his own army and summons Gomess and Magular. Squidward fights with Magular and defeated him, but Gomess fires a fireball at Squidward and Squidward dodged it. Squidward fights with Gomess and defeated him, but Magular wakes up and Squidward grabs and throw him. Squidward finished both of them by using Cockatova. Squidward going to get upside of the island on Bikini Atoll.

At the island on Bikini Atoll, Squidward lands here, but Earthtron and Kelbeam appears. Kelbeam spits a Ballistic Exclusive Spit at Squidward, but Squidward dodged it. Earthtron tried to shoot Squidward by using Magma Ray at him, but dodged it again. Squidward fights with both of them and defeated them. Mukadender appears and spits a fireball at Squidward. Squidward jumps on Mukadender's back and gone crazy. Mukadender got fall off to the sand ground and Squidward finished them by using Cockatova again.

At the Yokohama, Squidward went here to find Gatanozoa, then Gubila appears to scare the heck out of him. Squidward jump into the sewer to hide from Gubila, but Gubila appears from behind and defeated with him. Suddenly, a man named Ryo Murasame transformed into Kamen Rider ZX to fight with Gubila. ZX throws Cross Shuricane Bomber at Gubila and explodes. He whip the Micro Chains to Gubila and electrocuted him. He finished Gubila by using ZX Kick. Squidward wakes up and ZX asks if he's okay. Squidward and ZX get out of the sewer and saw Golgolem appears. Golgolem throws a fireball at Squidward and ZX, and explodes. Golgolem fights with ZX and defeated him. But, someone frozed Golgolem and it was Cyber Sub-Zero who appears. An invisible Neronga appears to electrocute Cyber Sub-Zero with Electric Bolt. Because of that, Squidward fights with Neronga to avenge Cyber Sub-Zero. Neronga turned visible and unfroze Golgolem. Both Neronga and Golgolem tried to kill Cyber Sub-Zero, but ZX finished them by using ZX Punch. Cyber Sub-Zero thanking ZX for saving his life and fly away. ZX using Helldriver while Squidward riding a sidecar on ZX's motor bike to go to Netherrealm.

In the Netherrealm, they made it to Gatanozoa's Castle.

In the castle, they bust into the castle and land here. But, Grangon and Lagoras appeared. ZX fight with Lagoras while Squidward fight with Grangon. Grangon shoots fireball while Lagoras shoot Ice Beam at ZX and Squidward, but they dodged it and got finished each other. But, Zaragas and Banpira appeared. Banpira released a blanket of fog towards Squidward while Zaragas flash his Blinding Flashes to Squidward. Cyber Sub-Zero appeared to froze Zaragas and Banpira. ZX, Squidward, and Cyber Sub-Zero fly away from the castle.

Back at the Netherrealm, Cyber Sub-Zero froze the castle with his Freeze Ray and Squidward turned into Captain Magma to blow the castle where Grangon, Lagoras, Zaragas, and Banpira are in here with Magma Spout and explodes. Captain Magma turns back to Squidward. But, Lagoras was survived and evolved himself. Evolved Lagoras spits a fireball at them and explodes. Evolved Lagoras tried to shoot Cyber Sub-Zero with Ice Beam, but it absorped the power and reflects on Evolved Lagoras, and it didn't affect him. ZX wakes up and throws his Cross Shuricane Bomber at Evolved Lagoras and explodes, but it still didn't affect him. ZX tried to finish Evolved Lagoras by using ZX Kick, but it didn't worked on him. Evolved Lagoras combined Ice Beam and Fireball into Fusion Blast towards them, but Squidward tried to defend them from the Fusion Blast and throws it back to Evolved Lagoras. ZX then used his ZX Kick to finish him. Bullton appears and summon EX Zetton. Squidward fights with EX Zetton while ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero fight with Bullton. Bullton used Dimensional Warping Beam Wave to move them off from him. ZX used Micro Chains to destroy the antenna.

Meanwhile, Squidward fight with EX Zetton. EX Zetton throws a Trillion Meteor at Squidward, but it didn't affect. Squidward turned into Captain Magma again and shoots Magma Spouts at EX Zetton, but it absorp the power. Captain Magma turned back into Squidward again. EX Zetton shoots the blue ray towards Squidward, but Squidward dodged it. Squidward jumps and finished EX Zetton with Squidward Kick and exploded him.

Meanwhile, ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero are still fighting with Bullton. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Bullton with his Freeze Ray and ZX finished Bullton with ZX Kick. After that, Squidward teleport ZX and Cyber Sub-Zero to Bikini Bottom.

At the Bikini Bottom, they got teleported outside of Bikini Bottom Hospital. Cyber Sub-Zero and ZX turned back into Ryo are leaving Bikini Bottom and thanking Squidward for everything. The gang are back from the hospital and went back to the Krusty Krab. Squidward tells that he defeated the monster spawner and everyone laughs.


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Spongebob Squarepants S Episode 8 5 OVA

Spongebob Squarepants S Episode 8 5 OVA

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