SpongeBob vs Gatanozoa
Old Series Season 2, Episode 10
Episode 10 Title Card
Air date April 2, 2015
Directed by Bancha Manasookcharoen
Viewer Ratings 66 views
OST used Shuwatch! Ultraman Zearth
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Battle for the Bikini Bottom
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SpongeBob vs Gatanozoa is the tenth episode of the SpongeBob SquarePants S old series. This episode is the fourth episode of the Season 2 of the old series. This episode was released on April 2, 2015.


Finally, we are almost close to the final episode! The true form of Netherrealm is finally revealed, and SpongeBob is not giving up to defeat Gatanozoa! Will he win or not?


The episode starts at the Netherrealm while an earthquake started, Gatanozoa is finally ready to destroy them all. At the destroyed city, there is a big explosion on the ground. The nether is revealed to be Imperial Star Destroyer. Gatanozoa tells that the spaceship is the true form of the Nether while he's in the backround of Nether changed into his office in the spaceship. The spaceship just fly towards the destroyed Bikini Bottom.

After the intro and the title card, SpongeBob still crying while running to the destroyed building because all of his friends are died, but he's not giving up to save his friends and Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob pulls out his XIG Fighter EX from his pocket and grow larger. He gets in the plane and fly to the spaceship. But, some monster just got out of the spaceship was Dorako. Dorako chases the plane and SpongeBob shoots him until exploded. Another two monsters called Birdon and Arigera just appeared to attack SpongeBob. SpongeBob shoots both of them. Both of the monsters just fall down to the spaceship and exploded. The saucer appeared and SpongeBob tried to shoot him, but got changed into Roberuga. Roberuga tried to shoot SpongeBob with Energy Bomb, but got dodged. Roberuga got into the spaceship and followed him inside.

In the spaceship, SpongeBob tried to find Roberuga. The plane just grown smaller and put into SpongeBob's pocket. Roberuga appears again and summon his monster friends including Gromite, Zoa Muruchi, Galberos, Angross, Telesdon, Lunatyx, and Salamandora. SpongeBob defeat Gromite first. Angross disappears, then Zoa Muruchi shoot SpongeBob with his Energy Beam, but SpongeBob absorped the power and reflects to its monster. Angross appears behind to scare SpongeBob and SpongeBob used his spatula to shoot him with his Spatula Shot. Galberos jumps and shoot SpongeBob with fireball, but it absorped the power and SpongeBob bursts it back towards Galberos. Salamandora attacks SpongeBob from behind and shoot him with his Saramanic Fire, but it didn't affect him. SpongeBob blows a bubble towards Salamandora and blows a small bubble on the big bubble until it exploded. Telesdon burts flames at SpongeBob from behind. Telesdon tried to attacked SpongeBob, but SpongeBob grabbed him and throw it through the dead monster. Telesdon proceed to attack SpongeBob with Fireball, but SpongeBob blows a Bubble Shot at the fireball. But the bubble just move towards Telesdon and exploded. Lunatyx tries to breath towards SpongeBob with Poison Gas, but he summoned the fog clone for protection. Lunatyx shoots SpongeBob with an Eye Bomb through SpongeBob's eyes. He then attacked Lunatyx with an Electric Ray from his spatula. After defeating all of the monsters, SpongeBob finished Roberuga with SpongeBob Kick and it created a huge explosion, which made the monsters disappears as well. SpongeBob needs to find where Gatanozoa is, but a red-haired woman tried to attack SpongeBob until he defend himself with his spatula. The woman introduced herself as Scarlet, the high officer of Galactic Empire. They both proceed to fight. Scarlet runs away to Gatanozoa's office and SpongeBob chases her.

In Gatanozoa's office, Scarlet and SpongeBob made it here. Scarlet then unleash her ultimate power and defeated SpongeBob.

In the World of Spirits, SpongeBob just got in here after he got defeated by Scarlet. Cyber Sub-Zero and Squidward appeared. Cyber Sub-Zero tells SpongeBob that his friends wanted to help him defeat Galactic Empire. The souls of SpongeBob's friends just combined their powers for SpongeBob and Squidward.

Back in Gatanozoa's office, SpongeBob wakes and refused to give up. SpongeBob fights with Scarlet and create a huge blue ball with a yellow electric bolt. SpongeBob proceed to shoot Scarlet with his SpongeBob S. Scarlet got weakened and exploded. Gatanozoa appeared and tried to attack SpongeBob with his tentacles and pincers. Gatanozoa will tell SpongeBob about the Krabby Patty Secret Formula.

The flashback shows a long time ago, the secret formula was a great power, but the Galactic Empire was an enemy of Dragon King Onaga. The wars for formula has begun where Ninjas fights with Storm Troopers. Later, the Dragon King Onaga had been defeated by SpongeBob (and it shows a flashback from episode 6). But, the formula is Gatanozoa's now.

After the flashback, SpongeBob told Gatanozoa that he will never have it. Because of that, Gatanozoa spreading his Shadow Mist around SpongeBob, then using Combined Assault to grab SpongeBob's arms, and lastly, he killed SpongeBob using Petrification Beam. SpongeBob falls down and wakes up to tell him that he still never gives up. He then proceed to jump and attack Gatanozoa with SpongeBob Kick. Gatanozoa pull out the formula and told SpongeBob that his formula is mine. SpongeBob told him to give him that or else he will release his power. He then transformed into SpongeBob S. Gatanozoa then transformed into Hyper Zetton. The final battle has just begun! Stay tuned in the next episode!


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Spongebob Squarepants S Episode10

Spongebob Squarepants S Episode10

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