Shang Tsung
Shang Tsung Title Card
Alias: 尚宗 (Chinese name)
Powers: His own powers
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Birth date: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Unknown
Occupation: Member of Galactic Empire
First Appearance: SSJG SpongeBob (Old Series)
Last Appearance: SSJG SpongeBob (New Series)
Number of Appearances: 5 (Old Series)
1 (New Series)
Status: Alive
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Galactic Empire

Shang Tsung was one of the antagonists of SpongeBob SquarePants S. He is also one of the members of Galactic Empire.


Season 1 (Old Series)Edit

In episode 6, Shang Tsung appears in the Nether to take over Godzilla's soul and disappears. Shang Tsung using fire breath, but Cyber Sub-Zero froze it. Gatanozoa reappeared and summon Dragon King Onaga. Shang Tsung disappears and Onaga started to bursts some fireballs.

Season 2 (Old Series)Edit

In episode 7, the Storm Trooper got fall down at Yokohama. Shang Tsung appears to take over Storm Trooper's soul and disappears.

In episode 8, SpongeBob reminds that the sorcerer was Shang Tsung. Shang tried to shoot SpongeBob with his fireball, but Gaim protect him to sacrifice himself. Shang says "Your soul is mine!", but SpongeBob won't let him take Gaim's soul and fight with Shang. SpongeBob and Shang teleported here and fight. SpongeBob turned into SSJG SpongeBob and fight with Shang. SSJG SpongeBob used Photon Edge at Shang, but Shang dodged it. Shang turned into EX Red King to attack SSJG SpongeBob with Flame Road, but SSJG SpongeBob easily dodged it. EX Red King used his fist to punched SSJG SpongeBob, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it again. EX Red King turned into Godzilla to attacked SSJG SpongeBob with his Blue Spiral Breath, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it. SSJG SpongeBob used Stronger Electro Fire towards Godzilla. Godzilla turned into Zetton to fired One Trillion Degree Fireball at SSJG SpongeBob, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it. Zetton fired the fireball at SSJG SpongeBob again. Cyber Sub-Zero appears and told SSJG SpongeBob not to give up and fight with Zetton. Zetton tried to shoot the fireball at him, but Cyber Sub-Zero used his Ice Clone as a barrier and explodes. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Zetton with his Freeze Ray and SSJG SpongeBob finished Zetton by using SpongeBob Slash. Zetton turned back into Shang Tsung and disappears.

In episode 9 at the Netherrealm, Hipporito, Shang Tsung, Kaito Kumon, Daiki Kaito, and Plankton go to the Earthrealm and show them. At the Bikini Bottom, they are landed here. Kaito transformed into Lord Baron, Daiki transform into Kamen Rider Diend, while Plankton grows bigger. They started to attack the Krusty Krab, but Cyber Sub-Zero saved the gang by defeating the villains, including him. Gatanozoa had enough and killed Cyber Sub-Zero, then disappears. After the five of the gang transformed themselves, Shang fought Wizard at the Floating Island. Shang throws a fireball at Wizard, but he cast Wizard Shield to protect himself. Later, Wizard finished Shang by using Wizard Kick. Shang got kicked and fall of to the spikes and dying.

In episode 11, he is seen laughing with Plankton, Daiki, and Hipporito in hell.

Season 1 (New Series)Edit



Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Old Series
  • Soul Stealing: He can suck the enemy's soul with his hands or mouth.
  • Fireball: He can create fireball and throw at the enemy.

Episode AppearencesEdit

Season 1 (Old Series)Edit

Season 2 (Old Series)Edit

Season 1 (New Series)Edit



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