Sektor MKX.png
Alias: Sektor
Powers: Unknown
Gender: Male
Species: Cyborg
Birth date: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Hair color: Unknown
Eye color: Cyan
Occupation: Member of Galactic Empire
First Appearance: Ruins Jellyfish Fields
Last Appearance: Friendship
Number of Appearances: 6 (Old Series)
3 (New Series)
Status: Deceased
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Galactic Empire

Sektor is one of antagonists from SpongeBob SquarePants S. He is also a member of Galactic Empire along with Cyrax.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (Old Series)[edit | edit source]

In episode 3 at Jellyfish Fields, the gang saw Sektor appears and shots the missile at them, but Patrick bump the missile back towards Sektor with his big tummy. Sektor then tried to kill Patrick with his double red light saber, but Patrick dodged it and cut his head off and Sektor explodes.

In episode 6, Cyrax and Sektor reappeared in the Nether after they got revived. Cyrax and Sektor used blue tail whip to capture SpongeBob, so Ichigo decided to save SpongeBob by kicking their hands with Rider Kick. Cyber-Sub Zero fight with Cyrax and Sektor, and got defeated. Of course, Cyber Sub-Zero forgot about Noob Saibot and decided to finish by kick him. SpongeBob asks what happened and what is that. Then, Gatanozoa appears and ordered Cyrax and Sektor to finish SpongeBob. Sektor teleported while Cyrax holding SpongeBob. Then, both of them separate SpongeBob's body and throw the body to the lava. Gatanozoa disappears and Godzilla appeared to reattached SpongeBob's body and revived him. SpongeBob's body was put on Godzilla's body. Godzilla finished Cyrax and Sektor by using Blue Spiral Breath and exploded.

Season 2 (Old Series)[edit | edit source]

In episode 8, the mysterious sound just said "Of course", which made SpongeBob reminds that the voice sounds like Cyrax. Which means Cyrax and Sektor are back. SSJG SpongeBob fight with them, but he got defeated easily. SSJG SpongeBob used Squidward's axe to swings at them, but they dodged it. Cyrax and Sektor launched their missile towards SSJG SpongeBob and easily exploded him. Suddenly, the two comedian YouTubers named Smosh (who are known for Ian Hecox and Anthony Padilla) are here to fight with Cyrax and Sektor and got teleported into hyperspace. Ian fights with Cyrax while Anthony fights with Sektor. Ian finished Cyrax and Sektor by using Kamehameha.

In episode 9, the villains from the past are revived from their death such as Count Dooku, Cyrax, Sektor, Zetton, Zombie Liu Kang, EX Red King, Scorpion, Bemlar, and Cyber Smoke. The veteran riders begin to fight with revived monsters, villains, and the Storm Troopers, then defeated them except the last Storm Trooper, but got burned by Tyrant.

In episode 10, he appeared in the flashback where he and Cyrax got defeated and SSJG SpongeBob defeated Dragon King Onaga.

In episode 11, he is seen laughing with the rest of the monsters and villains from the series.

Season 1 (New Series)[edit | edit source]

In episode 5, Sektor appears and fight with SpongeBob. Sektor fight used his two Red Light Sabers and SpongeBob fight used his spatula. Patrick appears to help SpongeBob and Sektor throw a missile at him, but Patrick grabbed the missile and explode him.

Appearence[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Skills and Abilities[edit | edit source]

Old Series
  • Blue Tail Whip (with Cyrax): Cyrax and Sektor combined their power with their hands to create a blue tail whip to capture the enemy.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Old Series
  • Missile: He can used and throw the missile towards the enemy. In episode 8, it was used along with Cyrax to attack SpongeBob.
  • Red Light Saber: He used double red light saber as a weapon.
New Series
  • Red Light Saber: Just like the old series, he used two pair of red light sabers as his weapon. In episode 5, he used it against SpongeBob.

Episode Appearences[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (Old Series)[edit | edit source]

Season 2 (Old Series)[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (New Series)[edit | edit source]

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