Monster Army
Monster Army
Leader: Unknown
Members: Unknown
Affiliations: Galactic Empire
Status: Active
First appearance: New Danger Come to Bikini Bottom (Old Series; Bemlar appeared only)
Latest appearance: Unknown

Monster Army is the set of Kaiju army. They were send by Galactic Empire to Destroy SpongeBob and his Friends.


Season 1 (Old Series)Edit

In episode 1 when SpongeBob walk back to his house, but he saw Bemlar at the Bikini Bottom and runs into his house. Bemlar left with his Spherical Travel. Later, a Spherical Travel lands down to Conch Street and shows Bemlar, which made SpongeBob and Patrick runs away. Then, Bemlar attacks the Bikini Bottom, but Kouta appears and transform into Kamen Rider Gaim to fight Bemlar. Gaim attacks Bemlar with his Naginata Musou Slicer, but it didn't affect him. Bemlar shoots Gaim with his Pale Heat Wave and attacks him. SpongeBob comes and attacks Bemlar with his Bubble Shot to get him out of here. Gaim turns back to Kouta and thanking SpongeBob for saving his life. When they about to go home, Bemlar falls off and about to telling the truth, but he got killed and shows the red big text says "FATALITY".

In episode 2 at the outside of the Krusty Krab, the gang saw Fire Golza attacked Bikini Bottom. Later, Diend summons Gan-Q, it made the gang got sucked into Hyperspace. Their powers are combined and explodes Gan-Q, which made them out of the hyperspace. Kouta turned into Gaim and fight with Fire Golza. Gaim finished Fire Golza with his Burai Kick.

In episode 3, the gang proceed to go outside and Patrick sees Melba from the sky, which made SpongeBob shocked that there's a monster. Haruto turns into Wizard to fight Melba. Melba tries to shoot him with Melbanic Ray, but Wizard protects himself with his Wizard Shield, so he decided to kick Melba with his Wizard Kick. Later, Reigubas appears. SpongeBob shoots Reigubas with his Blue Laser, then yet he shoots the Blue Laser again and Reigubas shoots Fireball, it made both of the shots explodes. Reigubas then started to destroy Sandy's Treedome, which made Sandy angry and fights with him. Patrick shoots the missile at Reigubas and explodes, which made Reigubas chases the gang. SpongeBob then burts Reigubas with his big fire, but vanishes.

In episode 6, SpongeBob and Ichigo finally made to save their friends, but the lightning just appears and King of Mons block their way. King of Mons attacked them with his Climate Beam. SpongeBob and Ichigo woke up. SpongeBob used his spatule to throw a fire at King of Mons and burned him. King of Mons separate and summon his minions, Bajiris and Scylla. Scylla attack SpongeBob while Bajiris attack Ichigo. SpongeBob and Ichigo fight with Bajiris and Scylla. Ichigo finished Bajiris with Rider Kick while SpongeBob used his size enlargement to stomp Scylla. SpongeBob and Ichigo combined their powers and finished King of Mons with Rider SpongeBob Double Kick. Then, Eleking appeared behind them and shoot Ichigo with his Light Blade, but Ichigo punched the attack towards him. Eleking wrapped Ichigo and tried to electrocuted him with his Electric Tail, but Ichigo destroy his tail and punched Eleking to the lava and got burned.

Season 2 (Old Series)Edit

In episode 7, Gudon, Bemstar, Antlar, Sadora, Red King, and Twin Tails appeared at Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob have to defeat them, but Patrick won't let him and SpongeBob ignored him. Bemstar tried to shoot SpongeBob with his Bemstar Beam, but SpongeBob dodged it. Antlar shoot Magnetic Beam up to the sky, but SpongeBob stopped the attack. Suddenly, a man named Shin Asuka transformed into Ultraman Dyna and fight with five of them. Dyna shoot Bemstar with Dyna Slash. Sadora pinched Dyna with his Multi-layered Below's Pinch, then Bemstar fly and kick Dyna off. Bemstar accidentally bumped into Sadora. Redking fight with Dyna and then Dyna used the Dyna Slash against Redking. Gudon used his Oscillatory Tentacle Excavator to catch Dyna, but Dyna dodged it. So, Dyna lift Gudon and throw off from behind. Antlar disappeared and SpongeBob warned Dyna that Antlar is behind him. Antlar tried to attack him but Dyna shoot Antlar with Dyna Slash. Dyna then used Dynamic Ray to finish Twin Tails, Bemstar, Sadora, and Gudon. Then, Redking wakes up and the yellow lightning zapped on Redking then transformed into EX Red King. EX Redking started to fight with Dyna and defeated him with Flame Road. When EX Redking are about to punch Dyna with his fist, SpongeBob throw a silver star at him, made EX Red King mad at SpongeBob, so SpongeBob turned into SSJG SpongeBob and fight with EX Red King. Zetton appeared and throw One Trillion Degree Fireball at SSJG SpongeBob, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it. SSJG SpongeBob shoot Zetton with Mebium Shoot, but it didn't affect him. Zetton tried to shoot SSJG SpongeBob with Zetton Final Beam, but SSJG SpongeBob dodged it again. SSJG SpongeBob shoot Zetton with M78 Ray and exploded. SSJG SpongeBob shoot EX Red King with Photon Edge, but it absorp the power, so EX Red King using a fire from his hand towards SSJG SpongeBob, but it didn't affect him, so SSJG SpongeBob using Stronger Electro Fire towards EX Red King. SSJG SpongeBob finishing EX Red King by using SpongeBob Punch.

In episode 9 at the white castle, they are teleported here. The villains from the past are revived from their death such as Count Dooku, Cyrax, Sektor, Zetton, Zombie Liu Kang, EX Red King, Scorpion, Bemlar, and Cyber Smoke. The veteran riders begin to fight with revived monsters, villains, and the Storm Troopers, then defeated them except the last Storm Trooper, but got burned by Tyrant. The veteran riders finished Tyrant by their All Rider Kick. Later after the gang defeated the villains, the blue lightning with streaks strike and made the big fusion monster appeared. Gatanozoa introduced the monster, his name was Five King. First, Dyna fight with him, but got shot by Ice Fire Combo Beam. Marine tried to shoot with her Precure Blue Forte Wave, but Gan Q (on Five King's left hand) suck the power and reflect towards her. Wizard tried to cast the spell on the fused kaiju, but Super C.O.V. (on Five King's torso) shoot him with his Flash C.O.V. Shot. Gaim tried to attack Five King by using Naginata Musou Slicer on him, but Golza (on Five King's head) fired Gol Melba Cannon on it. Golza then fired it back using a Gan Q Beam on Gaim, which made SSJG SpongeBob cried that Five King killed all of his friends thanks to him. SSJG SpongeBob tried to avenge them by using Mebium Shoot on Five King, but it didn't affect him. Five King used Combined Monster Assualt towards SSJG SpongeBob, which exploded the whole Bikini Bottom and made SSJG SpongeBob turned back into normal. SpongeBob started to crying because Five King destroyed Bikini Bottom and his friends, and run away like a baby. Five King continued to destroy the Bikini Bottom.

In episode 10, SpongeBob pulls out his XIG Fighter EX from his pocket and grow larger. He gets in the plane and fly to the spaceship. But, some monster just got out of the spaceship was Dorako. Dorako chases the plane and SpongeBob shoots him until exploded. Another two monsters called Birdon and Arigera just appeared to attack SpongeBob. SpongeBob shoots both of them. Both of the monsters just fall down to the spaceship and exploded. The saucer appeared and SpongeBob tried to shoot him, but got changed into Roberuga. Roberuga tried to shoot SpongeBob with Energy Bomb, but got dodged. Roberuga got into the spaceship and followed him inside. SpongeBob tried to find Roberuga. The plane just grown smaller and put into SpongeBob's pocket. Roberuga appears again and summon his monster friends including Gromite, Zoa Muruchi, Galberos, Angross, Telesdon, Lunatyx, and Salamandora. SpongeBob defeat Gromite first. Angross disappears, then Zoa Muruchi shoot SpongeBob with his Energy Beam, but SpongeBob absorped the power and reflects to its monster. Angross appears behind to scare SpongeBob and SpongeBob used his spatula to shoot him with his Spatula Shot. Galberos jumps and shoot SpongeBob with fireball, but it absorped the power and SpongeBob bursts it back towards Galberos. Salamandora attacks SpongeBob from behind and shoot him with his Saramanic Fire, but it didn't affect him. SpongeBob blows a bubble towards Salamandora and blows a small bubble on the big bubble until it exploded. Telesdon burts flames at SpongeBob from behind. Telesdon tried to attacked SpongeBob, but SpongeBob grabbed him and throw it through the dead monster. Telesdon proceed to attack SpongeBob with Fireball, but SpongeBob blows a Bubble Shot at the fireball. But the bubble just move towards Telesdon and exploded. Lunatyx tries to breath towards SpongeBob with Poison Gas, but he summoned the fog clone for protection. Lunatyx shoots SpongeBob with an Eye Bomb through SpongeBob's eyes. He then attacked Lunatyx with an Electric Ray from his spatula. After defeating all of the monsters, SpongeBob finished Roberuga with SpongeBob Kick and it created a huge explosion, which made the monsters disappears as well.

In episode 11, they are seen laughing with the rest of the monsters and villains of the series in the space.

Season 1 (New Series)Edit

Season 2 (New Series)Edit


  • Bemlar
  • Fire Golza
  • Melba
  • Gan-Q
  • Reigubas
  • C.O.V.
  • King of Mons
  • Scylla
  • Bajiris
  • Eleking
  • Red King
  • Gudon
  • Twin Tail
  • Bemstar
  • Sadola
  • Antlar
  • Zetton
  • EX Red King
  • Gomess
  • Magular
  • Earthtron
  • Kelbeam
  • Mukadender
  • Gubila
  • Golgolem
  • Neronga
  • Grangon
  • Lagoras
  • Banpira
  • Zaragas
  • Evoled Lagoras
  • Bullton
  • EX Zetton
  • Tyrant
  • Five Kings
  • Dorako
  • Birdon
  • Arigera
  • Robeuga
  • Gromite
  • Zoa Muruchi
  • Galberos
  • Angross
  • Telesdon
  • Lunatyx


  • Most of them are contained tons of monsters, less of Choujuu or maybe some aliens.


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