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Kamen Rider Wizard
Kamen Rider Wizard.jpg
Human Host/Form: Haruto Soma
Alias: Wizard
Motif: Modern Wizard
Western Dragon
Gender: Male
Occupation: Member of Team SpongeBob
First Appearance: New Danger Come to Bikini Bottom (Old Series)
Last Appearance: Another Dimension
Number of Appearances: 3 (Old Series)
3 (New Series)
Race: Kamen Rider
Status: Alive
Family: Unknown
Affiliation: Team SpongeBob
Krusty Krab
Kamen Riders
Pretty Cures

Kamen Rider Wizard is the titular protagonist of Kamen Rider Wizard.


Season 1 (Old Series)[]

In episode 1, Wizard sealed Cyber Smoke with Wizard Bind and kicked him with his Wizard Kick and turned back into Soma.

In episod 3, Haruto turns into Wizard to fight with Melba. Melba tries to shoot him with his Melbanic Ray, but he used Wizard Shield to protect himself, so he decided to finished him with his Wizard Kick. Wizard turns back to Haruto.

Season 2 (Old Series)[]

In episode 9 at the Netherrealm, Hipporito, Shang Tsung, Kaito Kumon, Daiki Kaito, and Plankton go to the Earthrealm and show them. At the Bikini Bottom, they are landed here. Kaito transformed into Lord Baron, Daiki transform into Kamen Rider Diend, while Plankton grows bigger. They started to attack the Krusty Krab, but Cyber Sub-Zero saved the gang by defeating the villains, including him. Gatanozoa had enough and killed Cyber Sub-Zero, then disappears. After the five of the gang transformed themselves, Wizard fought with Shang at the Floating Island. Shang throws a fireball at Wizard, but he cast Wizard Shield to protect himself. Later, Wizard finished Shang by using Wizard Kick. Shang got kicked and fall of to the spikes and dying. Later, the gang are back at the Bikini Bottom. But, the blue lightning with streaks strike and made the big fusion monster appeared. Gatanozoa introduced the monster, his name was Five King. First, Dyna fight with him, but got shot by Ice Fire Combo Beam. Marine tried to shoot with her Precure Blue Forte Wave, but Gan Q (on Five King's left hand) suck the power and reflect towards her. Wizard tried to cast the spell on the fused kaiju, but Super C.O.V. (on Five King's torso) shoot him with his Flash C.O.V. Shot. Gaim tried to attack Five King by using Naginata Musou Slicer on him, but Golza (on Five King's head) fired Gol Melba Cannon on it. Golza then fired it back using a Gan Q Beam on Gaim, which made SSJG SpongeBob cried that Five King killed all of his friends thanks to him. SSJG SpongeBob tried to avenge them by using Mebium Shoot on Five King, but it didn't affect him. Five King used Combined Monster Assualt towards SSJG SpongeBob, which exploded the whole Bikini Bottom and made SSJG SpongeBob turned back into normal. SpongeBob started to crying because Five King destroyed Bikini Bottom and his friends, and run away like a baby. Five King continued to destroy the Bikini Bottom.

Season 1 (New Series)[]

In episode 1, a black smoke just appeared from nowhere, which made Squidward blames SpongeBob for not turning off the stove. SpongeBob said that it wasn't him. It reveals that the black smoke was Smoke that come to take the Krabby Patty from SpongeBob, but got sealed by Wizard Bind and Kamen Rider Wizard comes and finished him with his WizarSwordGun. Wizard turns back into Haruto Soma and introduces himself.

In episode 3, Haruto transform into Wizard and ready to fight with Melba. Wizard summons his WizarSwordGun to shoot Melba with Flame Shooting, and then finished him with Wizard Kick. Wizard turned back into Haruto. Later at the Jellyfish Fields, Kouta and Haruto turned into Gaim and Wizard, and Squidward started to fight with Plankton first. But Plankton grab Squidward's leg and defeated him easily. It's Sandy's turn to fight with Plankton, but got defeated. Then it's Gaim's turn to fight with Plankton, and used Naginata Musou Slicer against him, but it didn't affect him. Plankton shoots Gaim with his laser eye and defeated him. Wizard tried to seal Plankton with his Wizard Bind, but it crushed the spell. Wizard then jumps and using Wizard Kick towards Plankton, but it didn't affect him and got defeated easily. Plankton grabs Mr. Krabs and tried to kill him, but SpongeBob interrupts it. SpongeBob jumps on Patrick's tummy to save Mr. Krabs from Plankton, and the whole gang are wake up too. SpongeBob ordered the gang to finished Plankton by using Friendship Kick, which got turned back to normal size. Mr. Krabs picks on Plankton to take care of him.

In episode 4, Haruto turned into Kamen Rider Wizard and also got trapped in the capsule as well. Patrick jumps on top of there to save them and got trapped in the capsule. Patrick then used Patrick Ninja Shuricane to destroy the capsule and attack Hipporito. SpongeBob and Wizard got out of the capsule. They finished it with Wizard's WizarSwordGun's Flame Shooting, SpongeBob's Bubble Shot, and Patrick's Blue Fire. Hipporito tried to shoot the attack by using Breast Crusher, but the combo attack is getting stronger and got defeated. When they asked the truth of Galactic Empire, Hipporito won't tell it and leaves. Later, Ultra Chew appeared and help them by telling them that they can go out is portal that will open in the sky and use the plane. SpongeBob acquired his plane and ride with Patrick and Wizard, who turns back to Haruto.


Skills and Abilities[]

Old Series
  • Wizard Bind: Wizard can sealed the enemy with his Wizard Bind. The Wizard emblem appears on the ground and sealed the enemy with chains.
  • Wizard Kick: Just like Rider Kick, he can kick the enemy with his own version.
  • Wizard Shield: He can used Wizard Ring to protect himself from the enemy.
New Series
  • Wizard Bind: Wizard can sealed the enemy with his Wizard Bind. The Wizard emblem appears on the ground and sealed the enemy with chains.
  • Wizard Kick: Just like Rider Kick, he can kick the enemy with his own version.
  • Friendship Kick (with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Gaim, and SpongeBob): They kick the enemy together and made it explode.


New Series
  • WizarSwordGun: He can used it as a sword, or even a gun to defeat or even finished the enemy.
    • Flame Shooting: He can shoot flames and burned the enemy.

Episode Appearences[]

Season 1 (Old Series)[]

Season 2 (Old Series)[]

Season 1 (New Series)[]



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