Galactic Empire
Galactic Empire.png
Leader: Gatanozoa
Members: Unknown
Affiliations: Unknown
Status: Active
First appearance: New Danger Come to Bikini Bottom (Old Series)
Latest appearance: Unknown

Galactic Empire is an Evil Empire. They're Try to Steal The Krabby Patty Secret Formula and Destroy the Whole World. It was lead by Gatanozoa.

History[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (Old Series)[edit | edit source]

In episode 1 in Netherrealm, Lord Baron, Plankton, Hipporito, and Daiki are planning to steal the Krabby Patty formula. But Gatanozoa sent Fire Golza to Earthrealm. Then, Fire Golza scared the heck out of the viewer as a jumpscare in the end of the episode.

In episode 3 in Netherrealm, Lord Baron is back, and Daiki is back and failed. Plankton backs and informs both of them that he destroys Jellyfish Fields. Daiki asks if where Hipporito is.

In episode 4 in the Netherrealm when Kaito asked Plankton if Count Dooku had been killed Mileena, but Plankton answers he is. Dooku appears for his turn and flying up to the earth. Lord Baron said that he's going to kill them.

In episode 5 in the Nether, SpongeBob and Ichigo are finally in the netherrealm. When they are about to walk, Rain, Reptile, and Ermac blocked them and prepare to fight.

In episode 6 that continues from the episode 5 when SpongeBob and Ichigo fight with Rain, Reptile, and Ermac in Netherrealm. Ermac tried to attack SpongeBob, but Ichigo punched him and let SpongeBob go while Reptile disappears. Ichigo punched Ermac with Rider Punch and Ermac falls off to the lava. Reptile appears behind SpongeBob and SpongeBob kicks him. Reptile tried to shoot SpongeBob with his green ball, but SpongeBob blocked the attack with his Bubble Shot. SpongeBob shoot Reptile with his spatula by using Spatula Ray to defeat him, which made Reptile fall off to lava. Rain tried to shoot SpongeBob with his Blue Laser, but it made SpongeBob grow bigger and bursts the laser towards Rain and Rain falls off. SpongeBob and Ichigo finally made to save their friends, but the lightning just appears and King of Mons block their way. King of Mons attacked them with his Climate Beam. SpongeBob and Ichigo woke up. SpongeBob used his spatule to throw a fire at King of Mons and burned him. King of Mons separate and summon his minions, Bajiris and Scylla. Scylla attack SpongeBob while Bajiris attack Ichigo. SpongeBob and Ichigo fight with Bajiris and Scylla. Ichigo finished Bajiris with Rider Kick while SpongeBob used his size enlargement to stomp Scylla. SpongeBob and Ichigo combined their powers and finished King of Mons with Rider SpongeBob Double Kick. Then, Eleking appeared behind them and shoot Ichigo with his Light Blade, but Ichigo punched the attack towards him. Eleking wrapped Ichigo and tried to electrocuted him with his Electric Tail, but Ichigo destroy his tail and punched Eleking to the lava and got burned. Then Ichigo and SpongeBob went to the castle where their friends got kidnapped. At the outside of the castle, they made it. Ichigo lift the cage where their friends hold captive in the castle and put on. SpongeBob then get in the cage through Laser Jail and freed his friends. Noob Saibot reappeared in Nether again and tried to shoot Ichigo with his silver star, it made SpongeBob shocked and protect Ichigo from the silver star and throw it into the lava. Then, Sub-Zero reappeared as Cyber Sub-Zero and fight with his brother. Cyber Sub-Zero froze Noob Saibot with Freeze Ray, then Cyrax and Sektor reappeared after they got revived. Cyrax and Sektor used blue tail whip to capture SpongeBob, so Ichigo decided to save SpongeBob by kicking their hands with Rider Kick. Cyber-Sub Zero fight with Cyrax and Sektor, and got defeated. Of course, Cyber Sub-Zero forgot about Noob Saibot and decided to finish by kick him. SpongeBob asks what happened and what is that. Then, Gatanozoa appears and ordered Cyrax and Sektor to finish SpongeBob. Sektor teleported while Cyrax holding SpongeBob. Then, both of them separate SpongeBob's body and throw the body to the lava. Gatanozoa disappears and Godzilla appeared to reattached SpongeBob's body and revived him. SpongeBob's body was put on Godzilla's body. Godzilla finished Cyrax and Sektor by using Blue Spiral Breath and exploded. Shang Tsung appears to take over Godzilla's soul and disappears. Shang Tsung using fire breath, but Cyber Sub-Zero froze it. Gatanozoa reappeared and summon Dragon King Onaga. Shang Tsung disappears and Onaga started to bursts some fireballs. SpongeBob reappeared as SSJG SpongeBob and fight with Dragon King Onaga. Onaga spits a big fire at SSJG SpongeBob, but it didn't affect him. SSJG SpongeBob using Mebium Shoot to attack Onaga. SSJG SpongeBob jumps and using Zepellion Ray against Onaga. Lastly, SSJG SpongeBob using SpongeBob Kick to finished him. Because of that, the gang and Cyber Sub-Zero got teleported from Nether to the Krusty Krab.

Season 2 (Old Series)[edit | edit source]

Season 1 (New Series)[edit | edit source]

Season 2 (New Series)[edit | edit source]

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