• Ivan the Brony Kaiju

    Hello there Bancha! I have a plot for the new episode.

    After the fight between SpongeBob and Powered Dorako, SpongeBob got taken to the hospital. Then it shows the flashback when Kamen Rider noticed that someone destroy the Bikini Bottom. Kamen Rider must stop this madness. But he cannot get into water because Riders and humans cannot breath in water. So the sea god give the Rider a water breathing ability so he can get into water. Meanwhile back in the present, Patrick worried about SpongeBob getting his back broken after the fight between him and Powered Dorako. But SpongeBob's friends found the bunker that had the citizen hide in their car. Zamu appeared and tries to shoot the whole team and the citizens. Then they are ready to fight, bu…

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  • LegoFan506


    November 6, 2017 by LegoFan506

    I'm planning to adopt this wiki. So feel free to contact me if you wanted to become an admin. :D

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